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Pomanjkljivosti poslovnih procesov v zdravstvenih organizacijah: primer okulistične ambulante
Irena Trobec, Boštjan Žvanut, Nuša Frank, 2011, original scientific article

Abstract: Purpose: The key element of any business restructuring is understanding the business processes. Yet, the importance of these processes is underestimated in the Slovene healthcare system. The aim of this study is to show that inefficient business process elements, causing unseen losses, can be identified with the help of an appropriate business process inventory Methods:The methods used in our study include literature search, direct observation, interviewing and process modelling. A direct observation study was conducted in an ophthalmology clinic, in which key business processes weremodelled using Event-Driven Process Chains, and deficiencies in the business process were identified. Results: The opthalmology outpatient clinic,which employs two people, loses around 25.5 hours of working time per month (15.2% of the total working time of a full-time employee) because of deficiencies in its business processes. Conclusion: Considering ihat such deficiencies may be encountered in a small healthcare unit with only two employees, it can be expected that the losses will be significantly higher in more complex institutions. We suggest, given these findings, that the managements of healthcare institutions address these deficiencies by conducting business process inventories and optimising processes. These activities must precede the introduction or restructuring of the information system.
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Published: 10.07.2015; Views: 1599; Downloads: 14
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Opis poslovnih procesov v okulistični ambulanti
Nuša Frank, 2009, undergraduate thesis

Found in: osebi
Keywords: diplomske naloge, poslovni procesi, zdravstvena nega, okulistična ambulanta, pomanjkljivosti, izboljšave
Published: 18.03.2019; Views: 126; Downloads: 8
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