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Design methods for semi-bent functions
Enes Pašalić, Sugata Gangopadhyay, WeiGuo Zhang, Samed Bajrić, 2019, original scientific article

Abstract: Semi-bent functions play an important role in the construction of orthogonal variable spreading factor codes used in code-division multiple-access (CDMA) systems as well as in certain cryptographic applications. In this article we provide several infinite classes of semi-bent functions, where each class is characterized by either a different decomposition of such a function with respect to the Walsh spectra of its subfunctions, or by the method used for its derivation. In particular, we also give the exact number of possibilities of decomposing bent functions, in a subclass of the Maiorana-McFarland class.
Found in: osebi
Keywords: cryptography, Boolean functions, bent functions, semi-bent functions, derivatives
Published: 19.12.2018; Views: 1044; Downloads: 105
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Generic constructions of Z-bent functions
Samir Hodžić, Enes Pašalić, Sugata Gangopadhyay, 2020, original scientific article

Found in: osebi
Keywords: Walsh-Hadamard transforms, Boolean functions, bent functions, plateaued functions, Z-bent functions
Published: 29.03.2020; Views: 85; Downloads: 4
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