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Effects of trunk functional stability training in subjects suffering from chronic low back pain
Nejc Šarabon, Polona Palma, Rok Vengust, Vojko Strojnik, 2011, original scientific article

Found in: ključnih besedah
Keywords: low back pain, chronic pain, kinesiotherapy, training effects
Published: 15.10.2013; Views: 2504; Downloads: 38
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Lower back pain and absenteeism among professional public transport drivers
Vasja Roblek, Maja Meško, Friderika Kresal, Andrej Jerman, 2015, original scientific article

Abstract: Drivers in public transport are subjected to lower back pain. The reason for the pain is associated with the characteristics of the physical position imposed on the worker while performing the job. Lower back pain is the main cause of absenteeism among drivers. The present study includes 145 public transport drivers employed as professional drivers for an average of 14.14 years. Analysis of the data obtained in the study includes the basic descriptive statistics, X2 test and multiple regression analysis. Analysis of the incidence of lower back pain showed that the majority of our sample population suffered from pain in the lower back. We found that there are no statistically significant differences between the groups formed by the length of service as a professional driver and incidence of lower back pain; we were also interested in whether or not the risk factors of lower back pain affects the absenteeism of city bus drivers. Analysis of the data has shown that the risk factors of pain in the lower part of the spine do affect the absenteeism of city bus drivers.
Found in: ključnih besedah
Keywords: absentizem, delovno okolje, bolečine, poklicni vozniki, absenteeism, lower back pain, the work position, professional bus drivers
Published: 14.10.2015; Views: 1578; Downloads: 126
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Advanced processing of electromyography signals in measurements of trunk postural actions
Nejc Šarabon, Andrej Panjan, 2015, published scientific conference contribution abstract

Found in: ključnih besedah
Summary of found: ...electromyography, signal processing, trunk functions, lower back pain, ...
Keywords: electromyography, signal processing, trunk functions, lower back pain
Published: 15.10.2015; Views: 1487; Downloads: 11
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Effects of therapeutic exercises on pregnancy-related low back pain and pelvic girdle pain
Iva Šklempe Kokić, 2016, master's thesis

Found in: ključnih besedah
Keywords: pregnancy, low back pain, pelvic girdle pain, therapeutic exercise, training, physical activity
Published: 09.11.2017; Views: 1095; Downloads: 19
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Psychosocial factors in the development of low back pain among professional drivers
Friderika Kresal, Tine Bertoncel, Maja Meško, 2017, original scientific article

Abstract: Background and purpose: Professional drivers as a group are exposed to high risk of developing low back pain due to ergonomic factors and work conditions. The purpose of the study was to examine to what extent the low back pain occurs among Slovene professional drivers as a result of the development of various psychosocial factors. Methodology: The study involved 275 respondents (professional bus drivers, car/van drivers, international truck/ lorry drivers, and ambulance car drivers). Hypotheses were tested using multivariate statistical method (regression analysis) and analysis of variance. Data were collected by structured questionnaire comprised of three parts: socio-demographic data, basic psychosocial factors causing low back pain, and incidence, duration and severity of low back pain as a result of psychosocial risk factors, was implemented. Results: The results of quantitative survey suggest that low back pain is mostly caused by lifting and carrying heavy loads, inadequate working conditions, poor physical fitness, regular nights out, shift work, and stress. Only the impact of gender on low back pain distress among professional drivers was confirmed, predominantly among bus drivers and lorry drivers on international routes. Low back pain occurrence was less common, albeit not statistically significant, among professional drivers of vans and passenger cars. Conclusion: Our study suggests that psychosocial factors are also important cause for the development of low back pain among professional drivers and can limit the quality of their social and professional lives.
Found in: ključnih besedah
Keywords: low back pain, psychosocial factors, professional drivers, prevention, Slovenia
Published: 24.01.2018; Views: 946; Downloads: 75
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The effect of unicycle riding course on trunk strength and trunk stability functions in children
Andrej Kocjan, Nejc Šarabon, 2017, original scientific article

Found in: ključnih besedah
Summary of found: ...exercise, balance, low back pain...
Keywords: exercise, balance, low back pain
Published: 24.01.2018; Views: 1232; Downloads: 110
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