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Criminali e 'cronaca nera' negli strumenti pubblici d'informazione tra '600 e '700
Mario Infelise, 2007, izvirni znanstveni članek

Opis: The spreading of news-sheets with different characteristics that depended on their purpose and destinations can be recorded in 16th century Europe. The press appeared in the form of public and secret announcements, manuscripts, and printed papers. The main purpose of news-sheets was the diffusion of political and military news while the presence of other types of information was quite an exception. In the 17th century, however, some news on the customs and culture, or law reports, all with different characteristics depending on the typology of the news-sheet, appeared. The case of fliers printed by small typographers to accompany public events followed quite a different pattern. The typographers would reproduce unusual stories to be sold to the popular public in squares and at fairs. In this case descriptions of particularly brutal and atrocious crimes would also be used. However, these descriptions do not seem to match the criminal events themselves. It was not the truth that counted but the story itself. Interestingly, after many years the identical events settled in different environments and bearing a new date can frequently be found
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Ključne besede: information, gazettes, announcements, crime news
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