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On bipartite Q-polynominal distance-regular graphs
Štefko Miklavič, 2007, original scientific article

Abstract: Let ▫$\Gamma$▫ denote a bipartite ▫$Q$▫-polynomial distance-regular graph with vertex set ▫$X$▫, diameter ▫$d \ge 3$▫ and valency ▫$k \ge 3$▫. Let ▫${\mathbb{R}}^X$▫ denote the vector space over ▫$\mathbb{R}$▫ consisting of column vectors with entries in ▫$\mathbb{r}$▫ and rows indexed by ▫$X$▫. For ▫$z \in X$▫, let ▫$\hat{z}$▫ denote the vector in ▫${\mathbb{R}}^X$▫ with a 1 in the ▫$z$▫-coordinate, and 0 in all other coordinates. Fix ▫$x,y \in X$▫ such that ▫$\partial(x,y)=2▫, where ▫$\partial$▫ denotes the path-length distance. For ▫$0 \le i,j \le d$▫ define ▫$w_{ij} = \sum\hat{z}$▫, where the sum is over all ▫$z \in X$▫ such that ▫$\partial(x,z) = i$▫ and ▫$\partial(y,z) = j▫$. We define ▫$W = \textrm{span} \{w_{ij}|0 \le i,j \le d\}$▫. In this paper we consider the space ▫$MW = \textrm{span} \{mw |m \in M, w \in W \l\}$▫, where ▫$M$▫ is the Bose-Mesner algebra of ▫$\Gamma$▫. We observe that ▫$MW$▫ is the minimal ▫$A$▫-invariant subspace of ▫${\mathbb{R}}^X$▫ which contains ▫$W$▫, where ▫$A$▫ is the adjacency matrix of ▫$\Gamma$▫. We display a basis for ▫$MW$▫ that is orthogonal with respect to the dot product. We give the action of ▫$A$▫ on this basis. We show that the dimension of ▫$MW$▫ is ▫$3d-3$▫ if ▫$\Gamma$▫ is 2-homogeneous, ▫$3d-1$▫ if ▫$\Gamma$▫ is the antipodal quotient of the ▫$2d$▫-cube, and ▫$4d-4$▫ otherwise. We obtain our main result using Terwilliger's "balanced set" characterization of the ▫$Q$▫-polynomial property.
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Summary of found: ...W \l\}$▫, where ▫$M$▫ is the Bose-Mesner algebra of ▫$\Gamma$▫. We observe that ▫$MW$▫ is...
Keywords: mathematics, graph theory, distance-regular graphs, ▫$Q$▫-polynominal property, Bose-Mesner algebra, balanced set characterization of the Q-polynominal property
Published: 15.10.2013; Views: 1624; Downloads: 12
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