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Tri prazgodovinske naselbine na slovenski obali
Maša Sakara Sučević, 2008, pregledni znanstveni članek

Opis: This article will discuss three prehistoric sites on the Slovenian cost, two of which, Sermin and Piran, are situated on the coast, while the third, Kaštelir above Korte near Izola, is located further a few kilometres further inland. Sermin and Piran were both hillside settlements that extended from the top of the range to the foothill situated by the sea. Kaštelir, on the other hand, is more typical of the region with settlement focused only at the summit of the hill; this mode of landscape use is known locally as castellier. Sermin has been dated through pottery evidence from the Late Neolithic to the Early Roman period. The prehistoric periods are evidenced especially at the foothill, spanning from the Neolithic, Eneolithic, Bronye and Iron Age, while little material is known from the summit of the hill, which was probably settled during the Iron Age. Kaštelir above Korte represents one of the largest castellieri in Slovenian Istria. The oldest ceramic evidence found herein has been dated to the Eneolithic and the enclave was occupied throughout the Bronze and Iron Ages until Roman times. The most significant artefact recovered from this site was an Apulian krater, the only such example excavated to-date within this region. This find, which probably belonged to a grave within the rampart, demonstrates the importance of the site during the 7th and 6th centuries BC. The ceramic evidence from Piran points to a period of occupation spanning from the Eneolithic/Early Bronze Age through the Bronze and Iron Ages to Roman times. During the excavations undertaken in 1988, focussing specifically on the Piazza Vecchia, a nearly complete vessel, possibly an urn, was discovered. Two daggers are also noted from the site (Šinkovec, 1995), which, in combination with the find of the vessel (caveat: the identification of the vessel as an urn is open to debate), would support the interpretation that a necropolis was located on this site. Owing to the revision of material from these tree sites, the earliest settlement of the region and its importance throughout Prehistory can be presented, finally culminating in early Roman settlements along the cost and the inland
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Ključne besede: mlajša kamena doba, bakrena doba, bronasta doba, železna doba, naselbine, gradišča, Sermin (arheološko najdišče), Kaštelir nad Kortami (arheološko najdišče), Piran
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Prazgodovinski Piraunos z Nove Table pri Murski Soboti?
Daša Pavlovič, 2008, pregledni znanstveni članek

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Povzetek najdenega: ...Nova Tabla, Murska Sobota, piraunos, lončenina, mlajša bronasta doba, starejša železna doba, prazgodovinske arheološke...
Ključne besede: Nova Tabla, Murska Sobota, piraunos, lončenina, mlajša bronasta doba, starejša železna doba, prazgodovinske arheološke ostaline
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