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Title:O ekstremnih grafih z dano stopnjo in premerom/ožino : doktorska disertacija
Authors:Filipovski, Slobodan (Author)
Jajcay, Robert (Mentor) More about this mentor... This link opens in a new window
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Work type:Dissertation
Tipology:2.08 - Doctoral Dissertation
Organization:FAMNIT - Faculty of Mathematics, Science and Information Technologies
Keywords:adjacency matrix, antipodal graphs, cages, excess, defect, Ramanujan graphs, selfrepeats, degree/diameter problem, spectrum, Moore graphs, asymptotic density, distance matrices, Bermond and Bollobas problem
Year of publishing:2018
Year of performance:2018
Place of performance:Koper
Publisher:[S. Filipovski]
Number of pages:VII, 114 str.
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Title:O ektremnih grafih z dano stopnjo in premerom/ožino
Keywords:matrika sosednosti, antipodni grafi, kletke, presežek, defekt, Ramanujanovi grafi, samoponavljanje, problem stopnje in premera, asimptotična gostota, spekter, Moorovi grafi, razdaljne matrike, problem Bermonda in Bollobasa


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