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Title:Meddisciplinarne pomenotvorne zmožnosti v procesih (de)terminologizacije turistične terminologije
Authors:Mikolič, Vesna (Author)
Beguš, Ana (Author)
Work type:Not categorized
Tipology:1.16 - Independent Scientific Component Part or a Chapter in a Monograph
Organization:FHŠ - Faculty of Humanities
Abstract:Prispevek opisuje nekatere leksikografske dileme, povezane z izborom in urejanjem gesel za Turistični terminološki slovar. Ker je turizem definiran kot izrazito sestavljena dejavnost, se terminologija oblikuje ne le v okviru turistične stroke v ožjem pomenu, tj. turistične industrije in infrastrukture,temveč tudi na številnih drugih družbenih področjih, kot so npr. zgodovina, geografija, umetnostna zgodovina, umetnost, arhitektura, transport ... V povezavi s tem smo v prispevku predstavili nekatere pomenske spremembe, do katerih prihaja v procesih (de)terminologizacije pri prehajanju terminov z drugih področij preko področnega govora v strokovni jezik turizma in obratno.
Keywords:slovenščina, leksikologija, turizem, terminologija, terminologizacija, determinologizacija, slovarji
Year of publishing:2011
Number of pages:Str. 313-319
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Secondary language

Abstract:The paper describes some lexicographical dilemmas related to the selection andediting of entries for a Dictionary of Tourism Terminology. As tourism is amarkedly composite activity, its terminology arises not only within tourism in the strict sense of the word, i.e. the tourism industry and infrastructure,but also in many other fields, such as history, geography, art history, art, architecture and transport. The authors discuss some of the semantic changes that occur in the processes of (de)terminologisation with the transition of terms from other areas into the discourse of tourism and its specialised language and vice versa.
Keywords:Slovene language, lexicology, tourism, terminology, terminologisation, determinologisation, dictionaries


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