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Title:Farm size, agricultural subsidies and farm performance in Slovenia
Authors:Bojnec, Štefan (Author)
Latruffe, Laure (Author)
Work type:Not categorized
Tipology:1.01 - Original Scientific Article
Organization:FM - Faculty of Management
Abstract:The paper investigates the links between size, subsidies and performance for Slovenian farms. Slovenian farms have always been small and highly subsidized. A literature review is carried out for the period before accession to the European Union (EU), and new calculations with farm-level data are performed for 20042006, the period of adjustment to the EU's Common Agricultural Policy. Our analysis reveals that both pre- and post-accession farms performance measured in terms of technical efficiency is positively related to farm size in Slovenia. We find that small farms are less technically efficient but more allocatively efficient and profitable. The persistence of small farms in Slovenia may be associated with the provision of generous subsidies, which are negatively related to farms technical efficiency but positively related to their profitability. The decline in the number of medium-size farms which has been observed since the accession to the EU may be explained by the fact that medium farms cumulate all disadvantages in terms of performance: they are too small to be economically efficient, but they are too large to be profitable.
Keywords:kmetijstvo, subvencije, Slovenija
Year of publishing:2013
Number of pages:str. 207-217
Numbering:Vol. 32
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Keywords:agriculture, subsidies, farm performance, Slovenia


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