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Title:Mediterranei e mitteleuropei : contributo allo studio dell'idea di benessere commerciale a Trieste nell'ultima età asburgica
Authors:Mellinato, Giulio (Author)
Work type:Not categorized
Tipology:1.01 - Original Scientific Article
Organization:FHŠ - Faculty of Humanities
Abstract:In the 1860s in Trieste, the imminent opening of the Suez Canal created the conditions for reflection upon the possible advantages of the transformation of the Mediterranean Sea from a closed basin into a transit sea and what this transformation could bring to the local economy. In general, two perspectives emerged among the local intellectual elite: one that was substantially conservative and "legitimist" and tied to the valorisation of institutional continuity based on the Habsburg nexus, advocated by Pietro Kandler. The second view, more progressivist and "Mediterranean", advocated by Pasquale Revoltella, aimed at taking advantage of all the liberties of movement and autonomies enjoyed by the Triestine commercial class. Since then, the dichotomy between the "continental" and "Mediterranean" visions of the path that commerce in Trieste should undertake has become recurrent in reflections of the economy and politics in the town, hiding much more concrete interests and aspirations interwoven in the town's intricate social tissue
Keywords:economic development, transport revolution, maritime history, economic nationalism, irredentism, bourgeoisie
Year of publishing:2010
Publisher:Zgodovinsko društvo za Južno Primorsko
Number of pages:str. 229-246
Numbering:Letn. 18, št. 1/2
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