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Title:Who says they don't read? Slovene elementary school students' reading motivation in EFL
Authors:Pirih, Anja (Author)
Work type:Not categorized
Tipology:1.01 - Original Scientific Article
Organization:PEF - Faculty of Education
Abstract:A typical (Slovene) teenager today no longer finds reading materials on the book shelves in the local library, but forms a reading list of electronic sources, very often in English. However, in contrast with an abundance of studies focusing on first language (L1) reading strategies and motivation, not a lot of literature can be found on reading motivation in a foreign language, even though it is perceived as one of the most important factors influencing second language (L2) development. The aim of this research is to determine the influences on reading motivation in English as a foreign language in the group of young teenagers (11-14-year-olds) and a possible transfer of L1 reading attitudes to L2 reading. The theoretical framework relies on Wigfield and Guthrie's (1997) self-efficacy theory and Day and Bamford's (1998) expectancy value model. The data obtained from 197 questionnaires give an insight into not only the frequency of reading in English and the type of reading materials, but also the factors influencing teenagers' reading motivation in EFL.
Keywords:reading motivation, EFL, elementary school learners, transfer of reading attitudes
Year of publishing:2015
Number of pages:str. 113-132
Numbering:Letn. 8, št. 1/2
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Secondary language

Title:Kdo pravi, da ne berejo? Bralna motivacija v angleščini kot tujem jeziku pri slovenskih osnovnošolcih
Abstract:Tipičen (slovenski) najstnik se po svoje bralno gradivo vedno pogosteje odpravi v virtualno okolje svetovnega spleta, kjer prevladujejo viri v angleškem jeziku. S pričujočo raziskavo smo tako želeli osvetliti bralno motivacijo v angleščini kot tujem jeziku za populacijo starejših osnovnošolcev (11-14-letnikov). Teoretski okvir raziskave sloni na teoriji samoučinkovitosti in taksonomiji bralne motivacije po Wigfieldu in Guthrieju (1997) ter modelu branja v tujem jeziku Daya in Bamforda (1998). Rezultati so pokazali, da večina vprašanih v angleščini bere pogosto, pretežno besedila s svetovnega spleta; kot ključni za bralno motivacijo v angleškem jeziku so se izkazali dejavniki notranje motivacije za branje v slovenščini, zunanje motivacije za branje v angleščini, prepričanja o lastnih sposobnostih branja v angleščini ter vpliv staršev in odnos družine do branja.
Keywords:bralna motivacija, EFL, učenci v osnovni šoli, transfer odnosa do branja


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