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Title:Innovation and communication as dimensions of the marketing culture : their influence on financial performance in Slovenia's insurance and construction industries
Authors:Postružnik, Natalija (Author)
Moretti, Melita (Author)
Work type:Not categorized
Tipology:1.01 - Original Scientific Article
Organization:FM - Faculty of Management
Abstract:This study explores the meaning and role of the marketing culture within organizations-specifically, innovativeness and internal communications, both of which have a significant impact on an organizationʼs financial performance. A qualitative study was conducted in the insurance and construction industries in Slovenia based on theoretical insights, in which 11 semi-structured interviews were conducted with top and middle managers of medium-sized and large organizations. Recommendations to be applied in practice and for further research are given based on the findings.
Keywords:marketing culture, finacial performance, innovation, internal communications, insurance industry, construction industry
Year of publishing:2012
Publisher:Društvo ekonomistov Maribor
Number of pages:str. 35-47
Numbering:Letn. 58, št. 1/2
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Secondary language

Title:Inovativnost in komuniciranje kot dimenziji marketinške kulture v luči finančne uspešnosti poslovanja v slovenski gradbeni in zavarovalniški panogi
Abstract:V prispevku so opredeljeni pomen in vloga marketinške kulture organizacije in njenih kategorij inovativnosti ter interno komuniciranje, ki pomembno vplivajo na finančno uspešnost poslovanja organizacij. Na podlagi teoretičnih spoznanj je bila izvedena kvalitativna raziskava v gospodarskih panogah zavarovalništvo in gradbeništvo v Republiki Sloveniji. Na osnovi ugotovitev raziskave so podana priporočila za prakso in nadaljnje raziskovanje.
Keywords:trženje, finance, inovativnost, komuniciranje, zavarovalništvo, gradbeništvo


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