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Title:Spolna diferenciacija pri šolski športni vzgoji in prostočasni gibalni/športni aktivnosti učencev
Authors:Zurc, Joca (Author)
Work type:Not categorized
Tipology:1.01 - Original Scientific Article
Organization:UPR - University of Primorska
Abstract:This text presents the results of research into the presence of learning differentiation according to gender in physical education lessons (Doupona Topič in Zurc 2003). The purpose of our research was to compare the presence of elements of gender differentiation in the syllabus with the results of a research on the motor/sports activity of male and female pupils attending the primary school. The research was carried out in December 2001 upon the sample of 194 respondents (Pišot et al. 2004a). The research confirmed that connections between the presence of learning differentiation according to gender in physical education lessons and content, frequency and form of the out-of-school motor/sports activity do exist.
Keywords:otroci, vzgoja, osnovna šola, telesna vzgoja, prosti čas, gibalna aktivnost, spolna diferenciacija
Year of publishing:2004
Number of pages:str. 39-60, 363
Numbering:Let. 20, št. 46/47
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