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Learning mixture models for classification with energy combination
Chuan Chen, Chi-Ming Tsou, Deng-Yuan. Huang, 2007, original scientific article

Found in: osebi
Keywords: razvrščanje, nevronske mreže, latentni razred, medsebojna komunikacija
Published: 15.10.2013; Views: 3145; Downloads: 60
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Jordan [tau]-derivations of locally matrix rings
Ajda Fošner, Chen-Lian Chuang, Tsiu Kwen Lee, 2013, original scientific article

Abstract: Let ▫$R$▫ be a prime, locally matrix ring of characteristic not 2 and let ▫$Q_{ms}(R)$▫ be the maximal symmetric ring of quotients of ▫$R$▫. Suppose that ▫$\delta \colon R \to Q_{ms}(R)$▫ is a Jordan ▫$\tau$▫-derivation, where ▫$\tau$▫ is an anti-automorphism of $R$. Then there exists ▫$a \in Q_{ms}(R)$▫ such that ▫$\delta(x) = xa - a\tau(x)$▫ for all ▫$x \in R$▫. Let ▫$X$▫ be a Banach space over the field ▫$\mathbb{F}$▫ of real or complex numbers and let ▫$\mathcal{B}(X)$▫ be the algebra of all bounded linear operators on ▫$X$▫. We prove that ▫$Q_{ms}(\mathcal{B}(X)) = \mathcal{B}(X)$▫, which provides the viewpoint of ring theory for some results concerning derivations on the algebra ▫$\mathcal{B}(X)$▫. In particular, all Jordan ▫$\tau$▫-derivations of ▫$\mathcal{B}(X)$▫ are inner if ▫$\dim_{\mathbb{F}} X>1$▫.
Found in: osebi
Keywords: mathematics, algebra, anti-automorphism, locally matrix ring, prime ring, Jordan homomorphism, Jordan ▫$\tau$▫-derivation, Banach space
Published: 15.10.2013; Views: 2842; Downloads: 76
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Assembly of a complete mitogenome of Balkan Chamois (Rupicapra rupicapra balcanica)
Nikica Šprem, Jianlin Han, Jianhai Chen, Nino Bašić, Elena Bužan, Laura Iacolina, Toni Safner, Toni Tešija, 2020, published scientific conference contribution abstract

Found in: osebi
Keywords: Rupicapra, mitogenome, assembly
Published: 18.03.2020; Views: 877; Downloads: 59
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A mother's story - the phylogenetic relationships in chamois
Jianlin Han, Jianhai Chen, Maria Cruz Arnal, Peter Lazar, Toni Tešija, Nikica Šprem, Urška Gerič, Nino Bašić, Toni Safner, Elena Bužan, Laura Iacolina, 2021, published scientific conference contribution abstract

Found in: osebi
Keywords: mitogenome, phylogeny, Rupicapra
Published: 04.02.2021; Views: 370; Downloads: 6
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Bruce Ferwerda, Li Chen, Marko Tkalčič, 2021, preface, afterword

Found in: osebi
Keywords: human-computer interaction, psychological models, personalization
Published: 06.05.2021; Views: 423; Downloads: 30
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