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Aplikacija za klepet v PHP : zaključna naloga
Nikita Sizov, 2022, undergraduate thesis

Keywords: communication problem, prototype, software development phases, testing
Published in RUP: 17.08.2022; Views: 1004; Downloads: 7
URL Link to full text

On [plus/minus] 1 eigenvectors of graphs
Dragan Stevanović, 2016, original scientific article

Abstract: While discussing his spectral bound on the independence number of a graph, Herbert Wilf asked back in 1986 what kind of a graph admits an eigenvector consisting solely of ▫$\pm 1$▫ entries? We prove that Wilf's problem is NP-complete, but also that the set of graphs having a ▫$\pm 1$▫ eigenvector is quite rich, being closed under a number of different graph compositions.
Keywords: eigenvector, adjacency matrix, Wilf's problem
Published in RUP: 03.01.2022; Views: 878; Downloads: 28
.pdf Full text (325,02 KB)

The automorphism groups of non-edge transitive rose window graphs
Edward Dobson, István Kovács, Štefko Miklavič, 2015, original scientific article

Abstract: In this paper, we determine the full automorphism groups of rose window graphs that are not edge-transitive. As the full automorphism groups of edge-transitive rose window graphs have been determined, this complete the problem of calculating the full automorphism group of rose window graphs. As a corollary, we determine which rose window graphs are vertex-transitive. Finally, we determine the isomorphism classes of non-edge-transitive rose window graphs.
Keywords: rose window graphs, automorphism group, isomorphism problem, vertex-transitive graph
Published in RUP: 31.12.2021; Views: 1089; Downloads: 21
.pdf Full text (275,74 KB)

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