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Geometric Lagrange interpolation by planar cubic Pythagorean-hodograph curves
Gašper Jaklič, Jernej Kozak, Marjetka Knez, Vito Vitrih, Emil Žagar, 2008, original scientific article

Abstract: In this paper, the geometric Lagrange interpolation of four points by planar cubic Pythagorean-hodograph (PH) curves is studied. It is shown that such an interpolatory curve exists provided that the data polygon, formed by the interpolation points, is convex, and satisfies an additional restriction on its angles. The approximation order is $4$. This gives rise to a conjecture that a PH curve of degree ▫$n$▫ can, under some natural restrictions on data points, interpolate up to ▫$n+1$▫ points.
Keywords: numerical analysis, planar curve, PH curve, geometric interpolation, Lagrange interpolation
Published in RUP: 03.04.2017; Views: 2249; Downloads: 131
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