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Logistics outsourcing
Mitja Ruzzier, Aldo Srabotič, 2012, original scientific article

Abstract: This paper investigates key success factors in logistics outsourcing. A model is used to illustrate outsourcing relationships and then applied to three examples from the logistics sector. The model is presented as a tool which can help managers to minimize the chance of failure by explicitly addressing key issues prior to the implementation of a partnership. In order to fully capture the complexity of the outsourcing process, the model is refined by the analysis of implementation of outsourcing methodology and the analysis of the presence of outsourcing myths in each case. We find that the implementation of outsourcing methodology is critical to successful outsourcing. Overall, we find that the main common factors leading to logistics outsourcing success, after the right third party service provider has been selected, are improved service levels and commercial viability for both parties, joint vision and objectives of the partnership, clear roles, top management commitment and support, communication and trust. The results of the case analysis shed light on what is the key to a successful outsourcing relationship and indicate how the architecture of logistics outsourcing can be analyzed and improved.
Found in: ključnih besedah
Keywords: third-party logistics, outsourcing, services, transpot, service provider, partnership
Published: 15.10.2013; Views: 2319; Downloads: 78
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The role of reverse logistics in recycling of wood products
Aleksandar Tošić, Črtomir Tavzes, Michael David Burnard, Andrej Brodnik, Andreja Kutnar, 2015, independent scientific component part or a chapter in a monograph

Found in: ključnih besedah
Keywords: cascade use, LCA, logistics, recovered wood, reuse, upgrading
Published: 03.04.2017; Views: 2055; Downloads: 71
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How does logistics outsourcing influence organisation performance?
Dušan Gošnik, Klemen Kavčič, Ivan Beker, Jana Suklan, 2015, original scientific article

Abstract: The purpose of this research is to provide an understanding how logistics outsourcing leads to performance improvement from an organisational policy perspective. The paper aims to focus on the contribution and on the characteristics of logistics outsourcing (basic, customised and advanced outsourcing). The research provides an empirical analysis from a survey of 295 representatives of Slovenian organisations. Our intention is to focus on the outsourcing of logistics services, when a company decide to outsource a logistic service and which criteria or characteristics of such services are important for them. We found out that basic and advanced outsourcing services are closely connected to Slovenian organisations. The findings are useful for business practice in general and for managers, as they will better understand the influences of advanced outsourcing services as the key element of long-term supply-chain success.
Found in: ključnih besedah
Keywords: logistika, optimizacija, organizacije, nabavne verige, logistics outsourcing, optimisation, supply chain, outsourcing, performance
Published: 08.08.2016; Views: 3132; Downloads: 27
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Medorganizacijski marketing podjetja v transportni dejavnosti
Tea Jerman, 2020, undergraduate thesis

Found in: ključnih besedah
Keywords: medorganizacijski marketing, marketing, strategija, podjetje DSV Transport, d. o. o., podjetje DSV - Global Transport and Logistics
Published: 20.11.2020; Views: 661; Downloads: 37
.pdf Full text (900,86 KB)

The importance of employee satisfaction
Klemen Širok, Eneja Sila, 2018, original scientific article

Found in: ključnih besedah
Summary of found: ...employee satisfaction, job satisfaction survey, behaviour, logistics, lorry drivers, performance...
Keywords: employee satisfaction, job satisfaction survey, behaviour, logistics, lorry drivers, performance
Published: 20.12.2021; Views: 251; Downloads: 56
.pdf Full text (149,95 KB)
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