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Konfliktne teme v slovenskih časopisnih komentarjih : primer odnosov med Slovenijo in Hrvaško
Špela Lenardič, 2008, izvirni znanstveni članek

Opis: Text analysis as a research method is not extensively used although it enables the study of research subjects without directly influencing them. In communication studies text analysis is frequently used to study media content and conveyed representations. This method was applied in the research study on the formation of controversial topics in the public headed by associate professor Dr. Andrej Pinter. Given that controversial topics in the public are frequently discussed through authors' texts, newspaper commentaries were selected as the subject of analysis. These texts, in fact, provide already formed opinions on controversial issues and critical evaluations of the actions of all parties that are directly involved in controversies. In addition, by conveying the opinions of defined individuals and emphasizing the possible consequences of conflicts, they provide the public with a clearly framed picture of the examined topics.In order to produce a thorough analysis of opinion conflicts presented in newspaper commentaries, a scheme including numerous interrelated variables was created that enabled a complex analysis of controversial issues and the involved participants, as well as monitoring the appearance and intensification of the conflict situations. An integrated analysis was not feasible due to the volume of all collected data; therefore the applied methodological model provides numerous possibilities for further analyses. The methodological model and the examined variables are described on the example of one of the four analyzed controversial topics, marked with the keywords "Relations Slovenia Croatia". The research results have revealed a high frequency of conflict appearing in the media. The analyzed commentaries include directly opposing views of representatives of various institutions and state authorities. Through the intertwining of conflicts from a variety of fields the media appear to intensify their complexity and insolubility. The opinions of the general public are represented through different civil associations and only seldom appear in media texts. Therefore, the formation of controversial issues is primarily tied to the politically and socially important public
Ključne besede: analiza besedil, mnenjski konflikt, mednarodni odnosi, Slovenija, Hrvaška
Objavljeno v RUP: 10.07.2015; Ogledov: 2399; Prenosov: 39
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Evropsko združenje za teritorialno sodelovanje : nova možnost za preseganje meja?
Janez Berdavs, 2008, strokovni članek

Opis: Evropsko združenje za teritorialno sodelovanje - nova možnost preseganja meja?
Ključne besede: Evropa, mednarodni odnosi, mednarodno sodelovanje, Evropsko združenje za teritorialno sodelovanje
Objavljeno v RUP: 10.07.2015; Ogledov: 5546; Prenosov: 31
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