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Migrations, integration and multiculturality
Simona Zavratnik, Ana Kralj, Zorana Medarić, Blaž Simčič, 2009, zaključena znanstvena zbirka raziskovalnih podatkov

Opis: Goal of the project is to analyze existent Slovenian Integration Policy (which includes fields of economic, cultural, political and social integration) with detailed dealing with individual sectoral policies (education, employment, residential, language, minority/ethnic policy etc.). In accordance with recommendations and strategic guidelines of European Union and on basis of comparable studies carried out in other European countries, a great attention is focused on the following themes: right to family uniting, access to employment and equal treating on working place, civil citizenship and assuring rights to non-naturalized immigrants and discrimination and xenophobia preventing. For the use of carrying out evaluations of integration policies it is very important to monitor the public opinion systematically for it enables feedback about effects and (non)successes of integrations processes of the society. Focused public opinion survey is designed as specialized collection mode which enables longitudinal attitudes following andacquiring representative opinions in Slovenia. Intention of the survey is therefore to acquire systematic range of attitudes and estimations of migrations in Slovenia, immigrants' integration, multiculturality, solidarity, social distance, level of discrimination and xenophobia etc.
Ključne besede: migrations, immigrants, integration policies, multiculturality, mobility, intolerance, Slovenija
Objavljeno v RUP: 15.10.2013; Ogledov: 3223; Prenosov: 31
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