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Institutional work in total institutions and the perspective of the persons that have lived in residential treatment institutions
Mitja Krajnčan, Boštjan Bajželj, 2015, objavljeni znanstveni prispevek na konferenci (vabljeno predavanje)

Opis: Institutional work includes all kinds of psychosocial assistance that offers, to people that need them, living environments and immediate environments adapted to their age, problems, disorders, and state. The diversity and dilemmas of institutional work represent the central theoretical discourse that the authors are researching in the explanations of the total institution, the exact answers regarding the help the youth that involuntarily find themselves in such institutions receive. The continued development of the discourse logically proceeds into deinstitutionalisation. Semi-structured interviews of adults that have spent their youth in such institutions represent the empirical part of the research. Extreme psychosocial pressures make the youth deviate away from goal orientation and the purpose of the institutions' operations. So, additionally, the authors have gathered a collection of good and bad experiences to bring attention to the many imperfections that should not be self-evident. The key problems that people that have stayed in such institutions a decade ago would like to give light to are the non-existence of logic and specific learning and practical competences that would benefit them in the life outside of the institution. They also stressed the lack of using the quality relations that had been established in the institution as support in post-treatment.
Ključne besede: vzgojne ustanove, vzgojni zavodi, delo v zavodih, zdravljenej, institutional work, total institution, residential, treatment, institutions
Objavljeno: 08.08.2016; Ogledov: 1036; Prenosov: 9
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Professional competences of preschool teachers for working with gifted young children in Slovenia
Sonja Čotar Konrad, Mojca Kukanja-Gabrijelčič, 2015, izvirni znanstveni članek

Opis: Recognizing giftedness in young preschool children presents an important challenge to all educators. Because giftedness needs nurturing, the aim of the research was to emphasize the importance of gifted children's right to adequate educational opportunities, which will stimulate the optimal development of their potentials. In order to achieve the latter, appropriately qualified preschool teachers are needed, in both diagnostic (the identification of the preschool gifted children) and educational field. The main purpose of the study (N=180) was to analyse professional qualifications and attitudes of preschool teachers in the area of identifying and working with gifted children from age 2 to age 6. The non-experimental causal method was used. The results of the research in Slovenia show the following problems: preschool teachers are inadequately informed about the issues concerning working with gifted children; they tend to have low self-competence in identifying personal characteristics of gifted children and in the appropriate use of teaching strategies when working with them; they stress the necessity for further education and professional training in the field of gifted children education.
Ključne besede: nadarjeni otroci, vzgojitelji, strokovna usposobljenost
Objavljeno: 08.08.2016; Ogledov: 1278; Prenosov: 52
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The decalogue of legal translation - contracts in intercultural legal communication
Alenka Kocbek, 2015, izvirni znanstveni članek

Opis: The paper proposes a model for translating contracts which unites different translation stances (Snell Hornby's integrated approach, the functionalist views with the skopos theory and the concept of cultureme, as well as Chesterman's theory of memes) with the findings of comparative law regarding differences between legal systems and their impact on legal languages. The model is structured in ten stages, each addressing one of the specific linguistic and extra-linguistic aspects of the contract as a text type. When translating contracts, a very specific situation may arise with respect to the cultural embeddedness of the target text, since memes of different legal cultures may co-exist at various levels. This is especially the case when the contracting parties decide to use a third language as a lingua franca, which may lack any direct correlation with the legal culture(s) underlying the contract.
Ključne besede: prevajanje pravnih besedil, teorije skoposa, kulturem, primerjalno pravo
Objavljeno: 08.08.2016; Ogledov: 1265; Prenosov: 21
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Pedagoški izzivi visokošolskih učiteljev kot izhodišče načrtovanja razvoja visokošolske didaktike na Univerzi na Primorskem
Sonja Rutar, 2016, objavljeni povzetek znanstvenega prispevka na konferenci

Ključne besede: visoko šolstvo, visokošolski učitelji, visokošolska didaktika, Univerza na Primorskem
Objavljeno: 08.08.2016; Ogledov: 1262; Prenosov: 40
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Arheologija za vse
Karmen Drljić, Aksinja Kermauner, Vanja Riccarda Kiswarday, Irena Lazar, Zrinka Mileusnić, Ivana Pintarič, 2016, objavljeni povzetek znanstvenega prispevka na konferenci

Ključne besede: osebe s posebnimi potrebami, inkluzija, arheologija, univerzalni dizajn, kulturna dediščina
Objavljeno: 08.08.2016; Ogledov: 1057; Prenosov: 13
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Validation of the inclusive competences scale for educators (InComSEdu)
Tina Štemberger, Vanja Riccarda Kiswarday, 2016, izvirni znanstveni članek

Opis: The study aimed to construct and validate the Inclusive Competences Scale for Educators (InComSEdu). The basis for item generation was the "Profile of Inclusive Teachers", a document developed by the European Agency for Special Needs and Inclusive Education. Items were measured on a 5-point Likert scale. In order to test the validity and internal consistency of the scale, item analysis, exploratory and confirmatory factor analysis and Cronbach's - were used. On a sample of Slovenian educators factor analyses proved the InComSEdu had seven subscales: Team working and cooperation with others, Implementing knowledge about inclusive education and support, Reflecting on and learning from inclusive practice, Optimising challenges and approaching interdisciplinary, Accepting professional responsibility for each child's development, Promoting resilience and professionality, and Empowering children's life skills. Results indicate that InComSEdu is a valid and reliable instrument for the evaluation of inclusive competences among educators.
Ključne besede: vzgojitelji, inkluzija, preschool educators, inclusive competences, scale, factor analysis, internal consistency, validation
Objavljeno: 08.08.2016; Ogledov: 1074; Prenosov: 335
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"How and why should I study?": metacognitive learning strategies and motivational beliefs as important predictors of academic performance of student teachers
Sonja Čotar Konrad, 2015, izvirni znanstveni članek

Opis: The study examined the relationship between metacognitive learning strategies and motivational beliefs, predicting academic performance of student teachers. The main aim of the study was to examine the predictive value of motivational beliefs and metacognitive learning strategies for students' academic performance. In the study 307 student teachers of the Faculty of Education completed the revised version of Motivated Strategies for Learning Questionnaire (Pintrich & de Groot, 1990). Regression analyses revealed that a higher sense of self-efficacy predicted better academic performance and a higher test anxiety predicted poorer academic performance. The implications of motivational orientation for cognitive engagement and self-regulation at the faculty are discussed.
Ključne besede: psihologija, učne strategije, študenti, motivacija, motivational beliefs self-regulated learning, metacognition, students
Objavljeno: 08.08.2016; Ogledov: 1117; Prenosov: 11
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Legal translation - an interdisciplinary perspective
Alenka Kocbek, 2015, objavljeni povzetek znanstvenega prispevka na konferenci

Ključne besede: prevodoslovje, primerjalno pravo, interdisciplinarnost, legal translation, cultureme, memetic structure, skopos, comparative law
Objavljeno: 08.08.2016; Ogledov: 1275; Prenosov: 15
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Exploring potential synergies between translation studies and second language acquisition
Alenka Kocbek, 2015, objavljeni povzetek znanstvenega prispevka na konferenci

Ključne besede: prevodoslovje, usvajanje drugega jezika, kulturem, jezikovne spretnosti, translation studies, L2 acquisition, cultureme, meme, language skills
Objavljeno: 08.08.2016; Ogledov: 1025; Prenosov: 23
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