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Effects of eccentric training at long muscle length on architectural and functional characteristics of the hamstrings
Jan Marušič, Rok Vatovec, Goran Marković, Nejc Šarabon, 2020, izvirni znanstveni članek

Opis: Hamstring strain injuries during sprinting or stretching frequently occur at long-muscle length. Yet, previous research has mainly focused on studying the effectiveness of eccentric hamstring strengthening at shorter muscle length on hamstring performance, morphology, and hamstring strain injury risk factors. Here, we evaluated the effects of 6-week eccentric hamstring training at long-muscle length on functional and architectural characteristics of the hamstrings. Healthy and injury-free participants (n = 40; age 23.7 % 2.5 years) were randomly assigned to control or intervention group. Training intervention consisted of 12 sessions with two eccentric hamstring exercises in a lengthened position. Outcome measures included isokinetic and isometric knee flexion peak torque, Nordic hamstring exercise peak torque, voluntary activation level, and countermovement jump performance. Ultrasonography was used to determine muscle thickness, pennation angle, and fascicle length of biceps femoris long head (BFlh). A significant time % group interaction effect was observed for all measured parameters except countermovement jump performance and muscle thickness. The training intervention resulted in increased concentric and eccentric knee flexion peak torque at 60°/s (d = 0.55-0.62, P = .02 and .03) and concentric peak torque at 180°/s (d = 0.99, P = .001), increased isometric knee flexion peak torque (d = 0.73, P = .008) and Nordic hamstring exercise peak torque (d = 1.19, P < .001), increased voluntary activation level (d = 1.29, P < .001), decreased pennation angle (d = 1.31, P < .001), and increased fascicle length (d = 1.12, P < .001) of BFlh. These results provide evidence that short-term eccentric hamstring strengthening at long-muscle length can have significant favorable effects on various architectural and functional characteristics of the hamstrings.
Ključne besede: biceps femoris, fascicle length, knee flexion torque, pennation angle, strength
Objavljeno v RUP: 07.08.2020; Ogledov: 1658; Prenosov: 58
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