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Title:Tracial numerical ranges and linear dependence of operators
Authors:Kuzma, Bojan (Author)
Li, Chi-Kwong (Author)
Rodman, Leiba (Author)
Work type:Not categorized
Tipology:1.01 - Original Scientific Article
Organization:IAM - Andrej Marušič Institute
Abstract:Pokazano je, da lahko linearno odvisnost dveh operatorjev na Hilbertovem prostoru preverimo s pomočjo identičnosti v modulu dane sesquilinearne oz. kvadratične forme, pridružene operatorjema. Forme so bazirane na posplošenih numeričnih zakladih.
Keywords:matematika, linearna algebra, teorija operatorjev, Hilbertov prostor, linearni operatorji, linearna odvisnost, posplošen numerični zaklad
Year of publishing:2011
Number of pages:str. 22-52
Numbering:Vol. 22
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Abstract:Linear dependence of two Hilbert space operators is expressed in terms of equality in modulus of certain sesquilinear and quadratic forms associated with the operators. The forms are based on generalized numerical ranges.
Keywords:mathematics, linear algebra, Hilbert space, linear operators, linear dependence, generalized numerical range


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