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New documents in RUP:

22.05.2019FAMNITmscEkonometrična analiza kreditne rasti bank v slovenskem bančnem sistemu
22.05.2019FAMNITmscGrafično razvojno okolje za poravnavo medicinskih slik z B-zlepki
22.05.2019IAMmiscTeaching Italian for specific purposes in the context of tourism
22.05.2019IAMmiscIdentifying automatically abbreviations in bilingual slovene-italian corpora of administrative texts
22.05.2019IAMmiscAugmentation not duplication
22.05.2019IAMmiscThe missing interface
22.05.2019IAMmiscOn the Sprague-Grundy function of Exact k-Nim
22.05.2019IAMmiscSprague-Grundy function of symmetric hypergraphs
22.05.2019IAMmiscAnemone sylvestris L. (Ranunculaceae) in eastern Prigorje (Zagreb, Croatia)

The table bellow shows organizations of the repository of University of Primorska. Number of works inludes only works with full text (with files) in all languages. Theses of bolonia study programme are also included. New works are all works, published in last 30 days. Table cells with Magnifying glass start with a search, while cells with RSS enable RSS subscription.

OrganizationDiplomas MSc thesesPhD theses OtherAll
FAMNIT - Faculty of Mathematics, Science and Information Technologies03014
FHŠ - Faculty of Humanities000 0
FM - Faculty of Management000 0
FTŠ Turistica - Turistica – College of Tourism Portorož  01 1
FVZ - Faculty of Health Sciences1420 16
IAM - Andrej Marušič Institute      1111
PEF - Faculty of Education000 0
UPR - University of Primorska000 0
Last update: 23.05.2019

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