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Title:Improvement of business competitiveness through developing G2B e-services in Slovenia and Macedonia
Authors:Janevski, Zoran (Author)
Bojnec, Štefan (Author)
Godnov, Uroš (Author)
Petkovska Mirčevska, Tatjana (Author)
Angelova, Biljana (Author)
Angeloska Dichovska, Monika (Author)
Work type:Not categorized
Tipology:1.01 - Original Scientific Article
Organization:FM - Faculty of Management
Abstract:Governments around the world use modern information and communication technologies increasingly in their activities trying to make their services better and more easily accessible to their citizens and businesses.The aim of this paper is to analyze some e-Government services in Slovenia and Macedonia by focusing on government-to-business applications (G2B) with special emphasis on their contribution to creating better business environement in these two countries respectively. The data presented in this analysis come from both desk and field research made in Slovenia and Macedonia.The development of government-to-business services facilitates the interaction between governments and businesses via web-based applications; improves e-business environment and increases business benefits for the companies. By using government-to-business applications companies save time and money; have more efficient communication with government entities and contribute to achieving a higher level of transparency of government activities.
Keywords:G2B application, e-Government, business climate, business benefits, e-services
Year of publishing:2015
Number of pages:str. 33-43
Numbering:Vol. 17
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