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Dynamics of oil quality parameters changes related to olive fruit fly attack
Olivera Koprivnjak, Ivana Dminić, Urška Kosić, Valerija Majetić, Sara Godena, Vasilij Valenčič, 2010, izvirni znanstveni članek

Opis: In order to evaluate the role of intrinsic characteristics of olive cultivars on dynamics of oil quality parameters changes related to the olive fruit fly (Bactrocera oleae (Gmelin)) attack, two specific olive cultivars were compared, Istarska bjelica and Buža. I. bjelica is characterised by late ripening, a lower flesh/stone mass ratio and higher oleic/linoleic ratio, the total phenols content and oil mass fraction compared to Buža. Oil samples were obtained at two harvesting dates, from fruit lots with 0, 25, 50, 75 and 100% of infestation degree, expressed by mass. Oil and water content in olive paste, as well as total phenols, fatty acids composition and standard chemical and sensorial oil quality parameters were determined. At equal maturity level, the cultivar with a higher oil (24 +- 1% vs. 16 +- 1%) and lower water content (54 +- 2% vs. 61 +- 4%) was more susceptible to hydrolytic degradation, while the one with the lower total phenols content (231 +- 32 vs. 575 +- 124mg/kg) and oleicžlinoleic fatty acid ratio (5.7 vs. 9.1) was more liable to oxidative deterioration of oil. Lower susceptibility to negative flavours formation could be related to the absence of ripening induced by fly attack and less favourable environment for larvae growth (higher total phenols content, lower water content and flesh/stone mass ratio)
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Povzetek najdenega: ...the role of intrinsic characteristics of olive cultivars on dynamics of oil quality parameters changes...
Ključne besede: Bactrocera oleae, Olive cultivars, Olive fruit fly, Olive oil quality
Objavljeno: 15.10.2013; Ogledov: 2179; Prenosov: 93
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