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Trier dans le passé: le vormärz et sa réception en Slovénie aujourd'hui
Drago B. Rotar, 2006, izvirni znanstveni članek

Opis: The article tackles some of the current epistemological problems of the local, Slovene and central European historiographies. The author recognises the main problem in the fact that the fundamental, over-150-year-old, paradigm has not changed throughout all the various regimes to date, which means that the perception of the society and its constituent processes has not changed either. The author deals with the very non-authentic modernisation in central Europe, which cannot yield pertinent and acceptable discernable results, but is very much able to block the actual development of intellectual disciplines. As a matter of fact, this blockade is occurring all the time, as sociologists and humanists replace new conceptions with an accumulation of poorly analysed and even more poorly interpreted data playing the role of material 'facts'. By means of several confrontations between procedures and explanations in the case of the object termed the Pre-March period (the periodleading to the revolution of March, 1848) the author demonstrates the absurdity of both the teleological conception of history and society as well as the resulting stereotypical interpretations.
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Ključne besede: memorije, zgodovine, ponaredki, prigrabitve preteklosti, kulture, ideologije, province
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